Welcome to the Beerstorming 2.0. Revolution

Welcome to the Beerstorming 2.0. Revolution

First,what is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem.

What is Beerstorming?
The easiest definition would be: “Brainstorming while drinking beer”. So, why beer? Researches tell us, that a small amount of alcohol can increase the creativity of individuals and groups. Beerstorming is a fully creative management method of finding a large number of solutions to a given problem. This method’s main characteristics are that welcomes unusual ideas and combines, improves (new business) ideas.
Why do I say Revolution?
When I say Revolution, I mean a radical change in the way that things work. Beeratorming 2.0 is a blog about unusual marketing and management lessons and methods for a fast changing economy and market.
Many of the classic methods must be adapted for the new reality. Entrepreneurs want fast and efficient action. Students don't want no more boring theory. They want sparking, applicable methods.
So we try to offer all of these without forgetting the basics.

2010. szeptember 11.

The Beerstorming 2.0 project - How it started

21st century. Every company is online or in hurry not to miss the last train to the online world.
Eastern Europe marketing is maybe not in pole position on the international markets, but it's in big hurry. The last decade or maybe the last two represented a big step forward for countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania.
The last years before the international financial and economical crisis represented a real renaissance for these countries. Market boom, industrial development was very strong. Basic industrial domains (building, real estate, automobile industry etc.) had a great success and needed a lot of business services: marketing and management consulting, head hunting, IT consulting and outsourcing, design and webdesign, HR consulting, research and development.
Then... suddenly everything was falling apart.. 2008 was a big shock for international markets, and it was even a stronger hit for eastern european market. First nobody thought it is a serious problem for us, then everybody got panicked.
What was the first reaction? Cut the marketing and advertising investments, cut the HR expenses, cut the investments, cut, cut... Without a backup plan, they started cutting...
Marketing consulting firms, advertising agencies, headhunter once overloaded ran out of work. Everybody was looking for new markets, new customers, but with short term success. The only chance for most of these company is to find partners abroad.
Beerstorming 2.0
A small group of marketing, webdesign, advertising and IT firms from Transylvania made the first joint step to find new directions for development. We called it the first
"Online marketing mini-conference - Beerstorming 2.0"
A small     

2010. augusztus 20.

So - why Beerstorming 2.0.

We have a long term presence on the East-European marketing and management consultancy market and we have been developing continuously our range of services. Starting with strong focus on (industrial) marketing consultancy, step by step we included in our offer the followings: human resource consultancy, marketing analysis, market researches, marketing strategy, education and training.

    The last years’ market and economical changes showed us the new direction to develop our company. Yes, normally it’s about online marketing. In the first period we only tried to promote online our company’s services. That’s  why we started this website too. It’s almost four years since then. The next step was to promote our partners’ business in online world. We began with very basics: SEO, cross links, blogs than the „more elevated stuffs” :).

    What we ha found out lately? Probably You’ll laugh. We found out that one can earn money online, and not only spend money for advertising. Maybe it was little bit late, but now we have a strong focus. Nowadays we spend most of out time with business trainings and online marketing researches: live testing and analyzing new methods of the online marketing. Today’s entrepreneurs meet new and newer problems and questions day by day: domain name, SEO, CPC, online banner, affiliate, page ranking, link exchange, Google analytics, Google Ad-Sense, Ad-Words, referral programs, online surveys and so on.

    I am convinced that these expressions are well known for some of us, but totally strangers for others. Anyway these are only the iceberg’s peak for the online ocean.

    Our strong goal is to analyze, test and apply in a strategic way for our customers business and of course for our business too. Our partners grow, we grow too. Step by step as we test one of these methods we let it know to our partners and people interested.

    The first step was the First Online Marketing Beerstorming Mini- Conference from Szeklerland’s – Transylvania. We will present it in one of our next news.